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Choosing the right Guernsey mortgage lender is crucial. Efficient local service, attractive interest rates and a Guernsey bank you can trust are essential for what is likely to be your largest financial commitment.

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For a limited time only, Skipton will cover the cost of the initial mortgage valuation. Should you substitute to an alternative property after the valuation has been completed, a valuation fee based on the appropriate Fee Scale will be payable.

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  • No arrangement fees
  • Mortgages transferable to new properties
  • No product fees when your existing rate matures
  • Approved in Principle within 10 minutes online or by phone
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  • All lending decisions are made in Guernsey by local underwriters
  • Our Guernsey Mortgages

    Whether you're buying a property in Guernsey or looking to remortgage your existing home, speak to Skipton first. As one of the largest local mortgage providers, with a variety of Guernsey offerings designed to suit your individual needs, plus friendly award-winning professional service, you can be sure you've selected the right lender with Skipton.

    Our mortgage team fully understands the Guernsey housing market. Call in to see us at Tudor House in Le Bordage or arrange an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Guernsey mortgage professionals.

  • Types of Mortgages

    We offer a variety of fixed rate, Guernsey Housing Association, 100% Mortgage and Buy-To-Let mortgages for Guernsey residents. 

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Skipton mortgage experts guide you through every step of your mortgage process from the initial enquiry all the way through to the property purchase.
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If you’d like to talk to us about finding a Skipton mortgage that’s right for you, we’d love to help. Find out how much you can borrow with our Mortgage Calculator.