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If you require further assistance, then need not worry, Skipton International is happy to help. Find out more below on what we can do to offer support for those who need it.



At Skipton, we understand that dealing with everyday banking can be difficult if you have limited ability.

That’s why we adjust our services where possible for people who might need to do things differently. If you can’t find the service you require, please ask a member of our team, over the phone, or via email and we would be more than happy to help.

All Skipton International colleagues are trained in Accessibility and Disability Awareness

Skipton International takes pride in offering high-quality customer service from all colleagues who are all trained in accessibility awareness and supporting the needs of disabled customers. 

Every one of our colleagues, whether customer facing or not, has partaken in mandatory training, so that we are capable in dealing with customers who may require additional support.

Below, we provide further details on how we can provide additional aid.

By Telephone

  • Telephone appointments and call

    Skipton will accommodate accordingly, offering longer phone call appointments to those who may need it. Our customers requirements always come first, therefore, we are more than happy to help where needs be in order to exceed client satisfaction. If you require more time to process the information or need us to breakdown out processes step-by-step, we are here to help every step of the way.

  • Telephone banking

    We appreciate and understand that online banking is not for everyone. We also take into account that many customers are unable to access our branch. Whether that be due to health circumstances, or residential locations. 

    Skipton offers telephone banking, so that customers can manage their finances over the phone. Clients can set up their own secure telephone password, and they will be run through full security, ensuring the safety of their accounts, all via a telephone appointment or call whenever you're free. 

    To find out more about telephone banking, please click here.

In Branch

  • Accessibility in our branch

    Skipton International operates in two locations: our main office in Guernsey, and our Mortgage Centre in Jersey. Exact locations can be found here.

    Both branches provide accessibility support, including access ramps for those who need it, automated doors and accessibility toilets. There are lifts in our Guernsey branch for anyone needing to access our top floor. Additionally, we have numerous handrails for all our steps and ramps, to help those that may struggle with mobility.

    There are also several public parking space spaces out side of each branch with the addition of public disabled parking.

    If any customers require any further assistance, or have additional queries about what our branches offer, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1481 730730.

  • In branch appointments

    Skipton has a walk-in policy for savings and mortgage customers, meaning no appointment needs to be booked in advance. We provide plenty of support for customers coming in for appointments with our team:

    • Longer appointments for customers who require a little extra time.
    • We allow our customers to take any paperwork or applications home, should they wish to go through them in their own time.
    • We allow assistance dogs into our branches, for those who need it.
    • Comfortable, higher seating is location in our waiting areas, and in our appointment rooms.
    • We recognise Sunflower Lanyards - recognising hidden disabilities.


  • Website accessibility

    Skipton knows how important it is to easily access what you need online. That's why, we have made a website that is easily accessible for everyone, everywhere. 

    Our website can be used with a screen reader for anyone struggling with sight loss. Meaning everyone has equal access to our information online. This also includes all downloadable application and forms on the site. 

    We want to ensure our website is as clear as possible. Therefore, we use strong colour contrasts to guarantee the most efficient visibility on your screens. 

    Skipton appreciates that navigating websites can sometimes be confusing. We make sure that you don't have that problem. Our website is designed in a simplistic but effective manner, with thorough descriptions of all our products, helping all customers gain an understanding of what we offer.

Managing affairs

  • Third party mandate

    Skipton understands that having a customer fall ill or becoming incapable of making sound financial decisions can make banking a difficult process to go through. Skipton allows a Third Party Mandate to be on your account to make working with us easier.

    This allows an account holder to nominate a third party individual to act on the account holder's behalf; giving instructions for payments and transactions, and other day to day management of your account. 

    For further information on our third party mandates, click here to see our form. 

  • Power of attorney

    Skipton can help arrange a Power of Attorney for our customers account, nominating someone who can help look after their financial affairs. 

    Your Power of Attorney can help make financial decisions for you, and make these decisions on your behalf. 

    If you would like to add a Power of Attorney to your account, please click here to find our form. 

For further information on what accessibility services we provide, or if you would just like to talk about your own personal requirements, please contact a member of our friendly team on the details below:

Phone: +44 (0)1481 730 730

Email: customer.services@skiptoninternational.com