Bereavement Guidance

We’re sorry for your loss. Coping with the bereavement of a loved one is never easy. We’re here to help make this process as straight forward as we possibly can.

If your loved one had a savings account with us, please take a look at the options below to find out what to do next.

What we will need to know:

  • Details of the person notifying us
    • Their name
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Phone number 
    • Relationship to the deceased person
    • When we should contact them (we will only call if we need more information or if you ask us to)
  • Details of the deceased person
    • Their name
    • Address
    • Date of birth
    • Date of death
    • Whether there is a Will
    • Original Will (if available) or a certified copy
    • Original death certificate or a certified copy 
    • Any Skipton International account numbers (if known)

    If we are furnished with this documentation upfront it will ensure the experience for the bereaved is much more streamlined.

  • Any additional information you want to give or ask us
    • What do I do when money is owed?
    • Inheritance
    • Funeral costs
    • Other costs 


We promise we will make this process as painless as we possibly can, and thank you in advance for helping us to help you.

Ways to contact us

                         Arran Robinson                                                 Tina Loveridge

                      +44 (0) 1481 732261                                          +44 (0) 1481 732265                                               

  • Online

    Our online form lets you notify us and send the documents we need when you have them. Or you can email

  • Post

    You can write to our Guernsey offices at:

    PO Box 509,Tudor House, Le Bordage, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 6DS, GREAT BRITAIN

  • Branch

    If you would prefer to speak to someone one-to-one you can visit our guernsey offices located at Tudor House Le Bordage, GY1 1DB. You can book an appointment if preferred by calling 730 730

What we will do next

  • We will cancel or freeze any accounts of the holders
  • Any communication to the account holder will be stopped immediately
  • You may be asked to provide more documents and information
  • We will try our best to make this process as stress free and easy for you as possible


Joint account

  • What happens

    The account will be transferred and changed to the remaining holder's name on receipt on an original or certified copy of the death certificate.

  • Use of the account

    The remaining account holder(s) will be able to use the account as normal

If you are struggling support is available locally from 

  • The Guernsey Bereavement Service

    Provides emotional support to adults (over 16 years of age) who are struggling to cope with a significant loss.

    Tel: 01481 257778

    Email: or


  • The Samaritans

    A local and national help support line, they can offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way- about anything getting to you.

    Tel: 01481 715515, National telephone 116 123



  • Will

    A written document outlining how a person wants to distribute their assets at death

  • Assets

    Things a person owns, for example money, properties and investments