Our Mortgage Products

Skipton International providing UK mortgages for Expats and non-UK citizens resident overseas.

We lend on a range of properties, from flats to houses, for expats and non-UK residents wishing to purchase in the UK. Overseas residents considering investing in UK Buy-To-Let properties often find gaining a UK mortgage challenging.

Skipton International is based on the Channel Island of Guernsey, an English speaking jurisdiction on the same time zone as the UK. We are also a subsidiary of Skipton Building Society, a top 10 provider of UK mortgages for UK residents. We therefore understand the UK mortgage market and have tailored our products to be delivered as efficiently as possible.

Currently, Skipton International provides UK mortgages secured on properties located in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. We do not, however, support properties located in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the islands of Scotland.

Current available rates can be downloaded here:

Mortgage Rates

How much can be borrowed?

Annual rental income of 125% (based on a simple interest calculation at 5.5%) is required for UK Buy-To-Let mortgages, unless the 5-Year Fixed Rate is selected for which the rental income is required to be 125% at the product pay rate and subject to the loan to value bandings provided in the above rate sheet.

Please note that 110% is available on selected deals. Click the link below for further information:

Rental calculations

Application fees

We charge a fixed application fee, fixed at £1,999 for purchases which includes cost of valuation. Remortgages, equity releases, and further advances at £999, which includes cost of valuation. The purchase fee is payable at the time an application is submitted either by cheque payable to Skipton International or by bank transfer.

For full details of the fee and what it includes, please see the link below:

UK application fee

Procuration fees

These are currently set at:

  • 0.75% for panel brokers

  • 0.60% for non panel brokers

Contact us directly if required.