Intermediary FAQs

  • What is an Intermediary Reference Number?

    This is your personal unique reference number for Skipton International. We have provided this to you on all recent communications. Please note that you need to be a registered intermediary with Skipton International to obtain a personal unique reference number. If this is something you would like please email or phone +44(0)1481 734000 or +44(0)1534 509501 and we will be happy to assist. 

  • What is an Enquiry ID?

    An Enquiry ID is a unique reference which is provided by email from your previous client's quote. Please keep this ID saved if you would like to return to the same client's records.

  • Can I revisit previous enquiries?

    Yes, this can be done here. Simply enter in the Enquiry ID on the Approval In Principle homepage, alongside your email address and Intermediary reference number. This will return you to your original session. 

  • How long does my session last?

    There is no timeout on the Approval In Principle Calculator. 

  • Why is my email not being recognised?

    If your email is not recognised, it means that we do not have your details on file or the Intermediary reference number does not match. For further assistance, please contact a member of our team by emailing or phone +44(0)1481 734000 or +44(0)1534 509501.

  • How do I register as an Intermediary with Skipton International?

    If you are a full panel broker, please contact us for further information. If you are a Non-Panel Intermediary, please complete the registration form here. If you are not sure, please contact us for clarification by emailing or phone +44(0)1481 734000 or +44(0)1534 509501. 

  • Can I use the 'New Intermediary' form more than once?

    Yes, you can access the Skipton Approval In Principle Calculator as many times as you wish. Please note that you cannot access the Calculator as a new Intermediary if you are already a registered Intermediary with Skipton International.

  • What happens if I have moved company?

    You will need to re-register with Skipton International noting your new company details, and will be provided with an updated Intermediary Reference Number for future use.

  • Where are the Approval In Principle spreadsheets?

    Please note that the spreadsheets have been replaced. Click here, to access the Skipton International Approval In Principle Calculator. 

  • How many times can I recalculate?

    There is no limit on how many times you can recalculate your client's affordability, making it easier to review and amend borrowing requirements.

  • Why can't I amend my client's personal details?

    Please note, once you proceed beyond your client's personal details (i.e property location, nationality) this information will no longer be amendable. If you have made an error, you will then need to start the process again by using the 'new customer button'.

  • How many clients can I work on at the same time?

    There is no limit, you can work on as many clients as you would like at one time.

  • Who should I contact if I have a query about an Approval In Principle result?

    Please contact a member of our team by emailing or phone +44(0)1481 734000 or +44(0)1534 509501 and we will be happy to assist.

  • What should I do if I have forgotten my Intermediary Reference Number?

    If your email address is already registered, simply click 'Forgotten reference number?' on the Approval In Principle Calculator. If you have not received confirmation from us and require further assistance, please contact a member of our sales team by emailing or phone +44 1481 734000 or +44 1534 509501