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When looking to purchase or remortgage a property having an early understanding of how much you could borrow is not only helpful, it is reassuring. The Skipton International Guernsey mortgage calculator is an easy to use online application that quickly gives an estimate of how much you might be able to borrow, according to your own individual circumstances.
  • Disclaimer

    This calculator does not provide an offer of a mortgage. Criteria may be changed at any time by Skipton International Limited which may affect the amount that ultimately may be offered. A full application with supporting documents and credit search will need to be considered by Skipton International Limited to determine any mortgage offer. Skipton International Limited is not under any obligation to offer any mortgage to you, shall have no liability, nor has entered into any obligation, as a result of this mortgage calculator.

    By using this mortgage calculator, you are agreeing to receive email and telephone communication from Skipton International. Skipton International will not share the details entered into this mortgage calculator with any third party. Skipton will retain the personal information entered into the calculator for a maximum of two years in case of further queries. Skipton will comply with the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2017 at all times when obtaining and processing personal data about you. Our Privacy Policy explains how and why Skipton collects, uses, stores and transfers your personal data and can be found at Privacy Policy

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Mortgages with Skipton

Choosing the right Guernsey mortgage lender is crucial. Efficient local service, attractive interest rates and a Guernsey bank you can trust are essential for what is likely to be your largest financial commitment.