Online Banking FAQs

  • How can I view my Fixed Rate Savings Account?

    Your Fixed Rate Savings Accounts will be shown on the Homepage when you have logged in to Skipton International Online.

  • How do I open a new Fixed Rate Savings Account?

    Click 'Open New Fixed Rate Savings Account' on the right hand side of the Homepage.

  • Where can I view my statement of my Fixed Term saving account?

    Once you click 'View' on your Fixed Rate Savings Account, the transaction history will appear here.

  • Where do I find the maturity date of my Fixed Rate Savings Account?

    Once you click 'View' on your Fixed Rate Savings Account, the maturity is shown as the Available Date.

  • Can I give maturity instructions online?

    Yes. Three weeks before your Fixed Rate Savings Account is due to mature, you will receive a document generated email confirming you can now give your maturity instructions.  If you view your Fixed Term Savings, 'Maturity Options' will show in the Action column if it is available.

  • How do I know when a maturity statement is available?

    You will receive an email advising that a document is waiting for you.

  • My product is nearing maturity, what are my options?

    Prior to your current mortgage rates maturing you will receive a communication from Skipton International advising you of the current mortgage rate. Simply tick the box on the form, and send it back to us. If this is completed before the 23rd of the month prior to your maturity we can switch your product a month earlier. A letter will be sent in the post to you if you have not selected a product via the email. This will take place in the first week of your maturity month.

    If no product is selected then you will be switched to our standard variable rate, the interest rate will be featured on the list of available products. The advantage of the standard variable rate is that you will not receive an early redemption charge and you have an unlimited overpayment allowance, subject to terms and conditions.