Online Banking FAQs

  • How do I make a payment to a nominated account?

    On the relevant account select 'Payment/Transfers' and then 'External Payments'.

  • Why does the same Nominated Account appear twice?

    This is because our banking system creates a BACS and CHAPS payment option for each Nominated Account.

  • Can I amend an existing Nominated Account?

    No, you will have to create a new Nominated Account.

  • How do I add a nominated account?

    On your home page, on the right hand side click 'Manage Nominated Accounts' and then click 'Create new Nominated Account'.

  • Can I create a Nominated Account that's not in my/our names(s)?

    No. The Nominated Account must be in your own name(s).

  • Can I set up and use a new Nominated Account straight away?

    No. Our Banking Team will need to approve your new Nominated Account before you can make payments to it. We will do this within 3 workings days.