New Business Easy Access Account Launched by Skipton International

30th June 2010

The Skipton International Business Account will be launched on 01 July 2010, with the aim of offering easy access business deposit terms to companies, trusts and intermediaries. Both annual and monthly interest options are available to offer maximum flexibility.

The offshore account offers tiered rates of interest, so larger deposits will earn higher rates of return on the whole balance. Deposits of over £1 million will earn a variable annual rate of 1.50% gross/AER or 1.30% gross for monthly interest (1.31%AER). For balances between £10,000 and £1 million the annual interest rate will be 1.40% gross/AER or 1.20% for monthly interest (1.21% AER). Balances below £10,000 will attract 0.10%.

Commenting on the launch, commercial director Jim Coupe said, "Our new International Business Account is easy to understand and operate. In designing this product, we have sought to bring to the corporate market the same high standards of transparency that we are known for in the domestic savings market in Guernsey."