Skipton commits its support to Guernsey’s Citizens Advice

Guernsey’s Citizen Advice team is celebrating following Skipton’s commitment of financial support for the next two years. The Guernsey-based bank is also supporting Jersey’s Citizen Advice team, as the bank has a Mortgage Centre on the island.

Citizen’s Advice is a charity which has trained advisors who offer free and confidential advice on almost any subject of concern, including money worries. It deals with over 12,000 queries from islanders each year. Based in St Sampson’s, on the Bridge, they are open to telephone enquiries and personal callers at any time.

Chief Executive officer, Ali Marquis, said:

“I am extremely grateful to Skipton for committing this funding to Citizens Advice at a time when our services are required more than ever. Many islanders are struggling with financial concerns with the rising cost of living and increasing mortgage payments, but other problems can range from family disputes, employer issues, access to affordable housing and rising energy bills.

“We will soon be working on updating our website to make it more user-friendly and fit for purpose. Training our volunteers so they are always fully up to date with changes in legislation, such as the recent introductions of the new consumer legislation and the new discrimination legislation is a constant challenge. It is a never-ending cycle of learning and keeping abreast of changes to give the most relevant and up to date advice that we can.

“Volunteers are always very much needed – not just to become an advisor, but maybe to offer a few hours a week in our charity shop on Mont Arrive, work on a one-off specific project, provide administrative support or in the Research and Campaigns team, who seek to influence public policy. If any local businesses are reading this, I would also encourage them to contact me if they might be able to offer their staff for a one-off project - even if it’s just for one day. That would be so beneficial to us as a local charity.”

Aaron Walden is Skipton’s Senior Commercial Manager. He said:

“Skipton always aims to support the local community wherever it can, and we always strive to deliver value and impact for society in our actions. By supporting Citizens Advice across the Channel Islands, we hope many more islanders can receive advice and guidance when they need it.”