Savings FAQs

  • How do I arrange an internal payment?

    Click 'Payments/Transfers' and then select 'Account Transfers' on the account you wish to make the transfer from.

  • You can only make payments to nominated account(s) in your name.

    You can only make payments to nominated account(s) in your name. 

  • Can I make a payment to a foreign bank account?

    No, payments through Skipton International Online may only be made to a Channel Island or UK bank account.

  • How will my payment be sent?

    You can specify if you would like your payment sent by BACS or CHAPS.

  • What is a BACS payment?

    A BACS payment is free of charge and takes three working days to clear in your account.

  • What is a CHAPS payment?

    A CHAPS payment costs £25 and will clear in your account on the day the payment is made.

  • How far in advance can I create a payment?

    365 days in advance.

  • How do I delete a payment?

    You can only delete a future dated payment. This can be done by clicking 'Upcoming Payments' and then the 'X' next to the payment you wish to delete.

  • What are your payment cut off times?

    The cut off time for BACS and CHAPS payments on Skipton International Online is 14:00(UK Time).

  • How will I know if my payment is successful?

    You will receive an email notification that a confirmation document is waiting for you. This will appear in 'My Documents'.

  • What is the minimum I can withdraw to my Nominated Account?

    £250 for external BACS and CHAPS payments.

  • How much can I withdraw from my account?

    Withdrawal limits are subjective to your account terms.

  • How can I download transaction history?

    Click into the relevant account and under 'Recent Transactions' click 'Download in PDF'.

  • How far back can I view account activity?

    You can view 6  years account activity.

  • Can I order a paper statement?

    Your annual statement will appear on the Documents page. If you require a statement for transactions between specific periods, you may download your transaction history.

  • What is the minimum amount I can transfer between two existing accounts?

    The minimum amount you can transfer between two existing accounts is £1.