UK Buy-To-Let mortgage application guide

A step by step guide to applying for UK Buy-To-Let mortgages when resident overseas.

Check eligibility

Can you answer Yes to all the questions on our Mortgages for Buy-To-Let Property criteria page?

All applicants are not a citizen of or resident in one of the countries that we do not support.

Skipton provides expatriate mortgages secured on properties located in England, Wales, Scottish Mainland, Guernsey and Jersey. Unfortunately, we do not at this time support properties in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the islands of Scotland.

Check your property rental yield is sufficient to support an expatriate mortgage. Skipton has a handy UK Buy-To-Let mortgage calculator to estimate the size of an offshore mortgage that might be available to you.

Complete your application

Complete Skipton’s UK Buy-To-Let mortgages application pack and fully complete. Please remember to read the declaration section carefully, print and to sign the form where requested (including the direct debit form), wet signatures are required.

Gather supporting documentation

Supporting documentation is important, please ensure that all supporting documentation is provided as requested in the UK Buy-To-Let mortgages application pack. Having each of your identity documents properly certified by a competent individual is essential.

Application fee (Where applicable)

Please note the processing of your application will not commence until the UK Buy-To-Let mortgage application fee is received.

Send your completed UK Buy-To-Let mortgage application and supporting documentations to Skipton:

Via email:

By post: Skipton International Limited, 15-17 Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain, JE2 3QA.

What happens once I have applied?

Skipton receives and processes your application

Depending upon where you live it could take a few days for your UK Buy-To-Let Mortgage application to reach us in Jersey. However, we endeavour to process most applications within three working days of receipt. For speed of delivery we recommend using a courier.

Provided your application is complete and meets our criteria we will then instruct a mortgage valuation. Sometimes we may request missing or additional information, therefore for your application to be quickly processed it is important that it is fully completed and all requested supporting documentation is included. Unfortunately in some cases we decline applications prior to valuation, whereupon your application fee will be refunded.

A mortgage valuation is instructed

Skipton operates a panel of approved RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) qualified surveyors across the United Kingdom, from which we may select one local to your property or use an automated valuation from a reputable provider. As you will have already paid the UK Buy-To-Let Mortgage application fee, which includes the costs of a mortgage valuation, we will NOT be requesting separate payment.

Once the valuation is completed Skipton will review to ensure that the sale and rental valuations are confirmed. Should there be an issue or concern Skipton will liaise with you to determine your preferred approach. In rare occurrences Skipton may decline an application at this point where the property is not considered sound security. Otherwise Skipton will forward you a UK Buy-To-Let mortgage offer.

Skipton Makes a UK Buy-To-Let mortgage offer

You will receive the UK Buy-To-Let Mortgage offer by email. Please ensure that you read the mortgage offer letter thoroughly. You will be committing to the repayment of a significant sum and there may be early redemption clauses or conditions on the mortgage, etc., that you need to understand and be comfortable with.

If you wish to proceed please fully sign the Mortgage offer letter (for joint applications both parties must sign), scan and return (email is fine). Once the signed UK Buy-To-Let Mortgage offer letter has been received and checked, Skipton will instruct solicitors.

Instructing Solicitors

Skipton uses Conveyancing Direct (England and Wales) and Aberdein Considine Solicitors (Scotland) for all of our UK Buy-To-Let remortgage and house purchase conveyances. As you have paid an application fee, Skipton will not be requesting further funds from you to cover the costs of Skipton's conveyance. Please note that when remortgaging your property there is no legal requirement to instruct your own solicitor.

For house purchases you will require a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to act on your behalf. The application fee includes the cost of a standard conveyance, when performed by Skipton International’s lawyers, Conveyancing Direct in England and Wales and Aberdein Considine for properties in Scotland. The UK Buy-To-Let Mortgage Application Fee guide provides full details.

You are of course at liberty to instruct any solicitor of your choice, however using the same legal representative as Skipton International, can often simplify the process reducing completion time frames.

Conveyancing Direct can be contacted for:

- Purchases via Simonetta Filippi, on +44 (0)1424 464900, or by email at

- Re-mortgages via their Re-Mortgage Team Leader, Jessica Hayward, on +44 (0)1424 464917, or by email at

Aberdein Considine Solicitors may be contacted via their Senior Solicitor, Natasha Day, on +44 (0) 1224 337 467, or by email at

Completion of the mortgage

In order to complete a house purchase please remember to have your buildings insurance arranged in good time and ensure that the interest of Skipton International Limited is noted on the policy, as this can sometimes be a cause for delay.