Expat Remortgages from Skipton International

Why Expat Remortgages?

Skipton International is seeing significant demand for Expat Remortgages. Interest is driven by:-

  • Expatriates finding they cannot remortgage or take another product from their existing mortgage provider after leaving the UK
  • Expatriates looking to remortgage existing UK Buy to Let properties to release equity for the purchase of another investment property, itself with an Expat Mortgage
  • Expatriates looking to remortgage an existing Buy to Let property to release equity for the purchase of overseas properties
  • Channel Island residents remortgaging to release funds to purchase residential property or Buy to Let investments in the Channel Islands

Skipton International can provide Expat Remortgages for each of the above circumstances. Also, we could provide additional Expat Mortgages for further UK investment purchases or Guernsey and Jersey mortgages.

Why select Skipton International for your Expat Remortgage?

We provide clear criteria and a straightforward application process. Skipton has been helping expatriates with their savings needs for over 20 years and so understands the difficulties of gaining financial services whilst overseas. This understanding of expats and a focus on providing a quality customer experience means that we regularly complete Expat Remortgages just 16 working days after receiving a fully completed Expat Remortgage application.

Please read our Step by Step Expatriate Mortgage Guide for an overview of our requirements and process, which also covers Expat Remortgages. Alternatively, our fully trained team are readily available on the phone  (+44 1481 730730) to guide you through the application process.

If you are seeking to release equity from an existing UK BTL property to purchase another please complete a separate Expatriate Mortgage Application Form for each property.