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UK Expat Mortgage for Buy-To-Let

If you are a UK national living abroad and are interested in a Buy-To-Let mortgage in the UK, try our online UK expat mortgage calculator and find out how much you could borrow.
  • Find the best expat mortgages in the UK with Skipton International

    Are you a UK expat looking for a mortgage in the UK to purchase a Buy-To-Let property or an expatriate remortgage to replace an existing UK Buy-To-Let mortgage or release equity? If you are considering acquiring or remortgaging a UK Buy-To-Let property then Skipton International, a bank providing some of the best expat mortgages in the UK, could help.

    Skipton International offers a range of offshore mortgages for UK Buy-To-Let properties* and with UK property demonstrating long-term price inflation, purchasing a property whilst living abroad often makes financial sense. Please check out our simple step by step guide to discover more about an expat mortgage UK.

  • Our Process

    Skipton's streamlined process can see British expat remortgages complete in as little as 16 days from receipt of application and 4-6 weeks for expat mortgages for UK property purchases - although this can vary. Skipton's free valuation and free standard conveyancing reduces the hassle in arranging UK expat mortgages, particularly when you are located in a different time zone from the UK. 

    As an offshore bank, Skipton International has been serving UK expats and non UK nationals globally for over 25 years and understands the difficulties faced in accessing UK Buy-To-Let expatriate mortgages. We pride ourselves on providing offshore mortgage decisions quickly, and offer a friendly service to all our expat customers, including decisions in principle via our online mortgage calculator or by telephone. When applying for an expat mortgage in the UK you will be dealing directly with one of our helpful and experienced underwriters. This reduces the potential of delays and confusion when operating through middlemen, securing your expat mortgage in the UK quickly and effectively. These are the reasons, along with our award-winning customer service, why we believe Skipton offers some of the best UK Buy-To-Let mortgages for expats.

    If you are a Guernsey or Jersey resident and require a UK Buy-To-Let mortgage, we may also be able to help.

We also offer UK expat mortgages to self employed applicants. 

If you are looking for a UK Buy-To-Let mortgage on a residential property* please check out our UK Expatriate Mortgage Application Guide or contact us, we look forward to receiving your email or call. Alternatively, please check out our UK Expat Mortgage Calculator to see how much you could borrow. 

* Please note Skipton International does not lend on properties located in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the islands of Scotland.