Expat Mortgage Broker or Expat Lender

When purchasing a UK Buy to Let property as an expat a key question is often whether an expat mortgage be sourced via an expat mortgage broker or directly with an expat lender such as Skipton International.

Gaining access to a UK mortgage as an expat is often difficult or at times seemingly impossible. However, there are banks and lenders that specialise in supporting expatriates and understand the difficulties they face. These expat lenders often welcome enquiries and applications directly from expatriates as well as through brokers.

Expat mortgage brokers will offer to estimate the maximum amount you could borrow. However, some expat lenders such as Skipton International provide easy to use online Approval In Principle tools, indicating the maximum amount you may be able to borrow and also estimating the monthly repayments for your selected loan amount and term.

Expat mortgage brokers need to understand the details of the expat lender’s criteria and requirements, and indeed the better ones do. However, there is variability in quality across the industry, potentially resulting in application issues and problems down line for both the lender and the applicant, causing delays and stress. Clearly, the expat lender themselves understand their requirements in the greatest detail and hence applying directly can reduce delays and result in a more straightforward process.

Talking directly with an experienced and qualified mortgage associate at an expat lender is often the most effective process to complete an application for your expat mortgage or expat remortgage. Once you have applied you will be dealing directly with a mortgage underwriter at expat lenders such as Skipton International.

It may be a concern selecting an expat mortgage broker you have never heard of to handle your application, possibly charging you a substantial fee, to ultimately refer you back to an expat lender you could have found yourself and where you would have benefited from a direct relationship through the application process. Indeed if you are reading this webpage you have at least found one expat lender, please try our online Approval in Principle Indicator, email or call us on +44 (0) 1481 730730.