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Forest Primary School

The Skipton Community Fund was contacted to help to enhance and improve the outdoor area of Forest Primary School. In Early Years settings, it is essential for children to have access to an outdoor area. Not only does it support the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and promoting a sense of well-being, it also supports children's problem-solving skills and nurtures their creativity.

Balance bikes and markings on the ground for guidance have been added to the outdoor area, a teepee tent was purchased for the children to have a quiet space to read. A new 'mud kitchen' to replace the existing area, a small stage area has been constructed where children can perform instruments and dressing up costumes. New building blocks were purchased which help develop creativity and imagination.

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St Sampsons Duke of Edinburgh

Baubigny Schools PTA Duke of Edinburgh

Baubigny Schools PTA provide additional financial support to extra curricular and normal curricular activities of both Le Murier School and St Sampson's High School. Recently they had been asked to fund the purchase of new tents for the Duke of Edinburgh group, with an application to the Skipton Community Fund, the fund was granted to purchase five tents.

Skipton Community Fund - Styx Centre

The Styx Centre

The Styx Centre has been rooted in and serving the community for the last 38 years. In term time, it now has 2000 attendees per week across the life span facilitating mother and baby groups; Guernsey Specials Gym group; singing for health, arts for impact; and many other groups. For many, this protects against social isolation, loneliness and exclusion. In December 2022 they purchased the next door field and received planning permission to create a new access road and additional parking which will create a much safer and accessible entrance to the Centre. 

The Skipton Community Fund donated money to the centre to plant a Community Orchard of 70 fruit trees. The orchard will form part of a nature walk where other indigenous shrubs and trees have been planted to improve biodiversity. 

Grow Jersey

GROW Jersey

GROW Jersey supports those islanders experiencing food poverty by growing an array of fruit and vegetables. It also provides education and awareness on issues such as the climate emergency, biodiversity loss, sustainable transport, and responsible soil management. The award-winning project has already achieved key objectives in education with local children, community engagement with groups such as Acorn & Mencap Pond Project, planting 100 fruit & nut trees and 220 fruit bushes, establishing raised planting beds, beehives and a vegetable garden. This has helped form a strong community of likeminded individuals who join in with regular activities to enhance the area.

Skipton Community Fund has funded their most recent GROW projects in 2023, which include; creating accessible pathways around the 13 vergee site, building/sourcing raised growing beds to provide accessibility for those with physical disabilities, provision of a community space to allow all-year provision of education to visiting communities including schools, and additional equipment and materials to allow us to scale up food production

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The Brain Injury Charity

The Jersey Brain Tumour

The charity was set up by Sue May (Little) who had a brain tumour diagnosis 12 years ago to assist others with the same devastating diagnosis through their brain tumour journey by providing regular contact, guidance and support with people who have knowledge of the area. Part of the process is the supply of Brain Tumour Boxes to each client, the box includes vital information to assist the client in becoming more knowledgeable. The charity provides assistance to clients from volunteers, nurses, occupational health and counselling to both clients and their families and they have created a brain tumour community for them to join for as long as they need it.

The Skipton Community Fund has supported The Jersey Brain Tumour charity by funding 40 Brain Boxes.

Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Group

Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Group

The Skipton Community Fund gave funds to Fairtrade Guernsey to purchase these reusable cups to raise further money to support the group to continue its work to engage, educate and inspire islanders to support Fairtrade for the foreseeable future.

Guernsey became an accredited Fairtrade Island in 2006; a status that has been renewed every two years thanks to the efforts of the Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Group (registered Guernsey charity number 453). Members work with States of Guernsey departments (in particular the Overseas Aid and Development Commission), businesses, schools, churches and other community organisations to raise awareness of the Fairtrade Mark, to increase the range, volume and visibility of Fairtrade products available to islanders and to show consumers how a conscious choice to buy Fairtrade can make a difference to the lives of farmers and workers in developing countries. Each year in late February/early March, the Steering Group organises a range of activities to mark Fairtrade Fortnight. They applied for a grant to support their popular annual schools' competition, which provides an opportunity for teachers and parents to engage children of all ages on social, environmental and trade justice issues. This year's competition is to design a reusable hot drinks cup, creating artwork that promotes Guernsey as a Fairtrade Island and reflects Fairtrade principles. The two winning designs (primary- and secondary-age) has been printed onto fully biodegradable cups made from rice husk. Funding from Skipton International has provided the cost to produce 500 units of each design, which will be sold at events and potentially through the Channel Islands Cooperative, to raise funds for Fairtrade Guernsey. To order your cup please email

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Mill Street Cafe

The Mill Street Community Café

The cafe's aims are simple, they provide good quality, nutritious food at very reasonable prices. This is possible because they receive generous donations of food and none of our volunteers are paid for their work. If somebody genuinely cannot pay for their meal, they are given it free of charge. Their costs are covered by the donations that other people give. 

This scheme is known as “paying it forward” or “pending coffees” or other such terms which imply that your kindness helps another person to eat. In addition to food, we also aim to provide warmth and shelter and company to people who might otherwise be alone or suffering in some way. Several of our customers are homeless and come to us for support. Many of the volunteers and clients are elderly people who relish the chance to have good company.

Skipton Community Fund has donated money to enable the Mill Street Community Café to replace their kitchen and do interior renovations to enable more space for customers to sit.

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Trevor Laughlin Acorn Skipton Community Fund

Acorn Enterprises

A Jersey project where islanders with disabilities or long-term health conditions refurbish the island’s public benches has been able to buy an industrial sander to help with its work, due to financial support from the Skipton Community Fund. We awarded funding to Acorn Enterprises to support this project within its Training & Development provision.

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pollinator project

Pollinator Project

The Pollinator Project is a local charity focused on making a practical difference to Guernsey's biodiversity, with a focus on pollinating insects. They focus on four main streams of activity: Education, protecting and enhancing natural habitats, conducting scientific research, and campaigning against the use of pesticides, plastic and peat.

Skipton Community Fund has given funds to the Pollinator Project to enable them to purchase a gazebo so they can continue to participate in several outdoor events to get key messages of caring for Guernsey's nature to more people through their education programs.

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Jersey Cheshire Homes

A local charity which provides care and support for islanders living with a physical disability has been able to purchase a specialist vital signs monitor thanks to financial support from Skipton International’s Community Fund.

Jersey Cheshire Homes successfully applied to the Community Fund, a grant scheme which supports good causes across the Channel Islands, for funds to buy a Dinamap Monitor to help care for their residents.

The monitor gives accurate readings of residents’ vital signs and alerts nursing staff to any irregularities that require their attention.

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Group Mess Tent

3rd Jersey Scout Group

The 3rd Jersey Scout Group is one of the largest groups within the Jersey Scout Association. As a Group they have over 120 young people aged 8-14 supported by a team of volunteer leaders. Camping is a big part of the group, it helps to build confidence being away from home, making new friends, trying new activities and learning new skills. It supports our young people in their personal development and allows them to make a positive contribution to the wider community. 

Their our two mess tents have come to the end of their useful life and they hadn't been able to fundraise in the usual way to replace these because of COVID. They represent the largest item of expenditure for the Group. Skipton Community Fund was happy to fund the purchase of a new mess tent. 

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JSPCA Animals' Shelter

When a pet dies, the family who loved that animal can experience strong feelings of grief. Pets are family members: they are there when we wake up, and beside us when we go to sleep. They see us sick, happy, angry, sad, and they never pass judgement.

The aching hearts of those who lose a pet can often suffer from a terrible condition called ‘broken heart syndrome’. When the response to grief is severe, the person exhibits symptoms that mimic a heart attack, including elevated hormone levels that can be 30 times greater than normal.

When you’re in anguish after this kind of loss, you need to reach out and let people know how badly you’re hurting.

'We know how hard the loss of a pet can be, so that's why the JSPCA Animals' Shelter offers a bereavement service for anyone who is in need of emotional support, from our trained team who have undertaken the Blue Cross Pet Bereavement course. We are very grateful to Skipton Community Fund for funding the training of some of our team on this course. The grant we were given also included the printing of 500 sympathy cards to give out to all those people who choose an individual cremation with the JSPCA.' Michelle Parker, JSPCA

If you'd like more information about the JSPCA bereavement service, please call our Reception on 01534 724331 or email

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