Skipton Community Fund
Previous Beneficiaries

  • BS Guernsey Horse Show

    Skipton International is always proud to give back to the communities in which we operate, and we know the enjoyment that working with animals can bring.

    We were pleased to offer our support to the B.S. Summer Show, which was held in Forest, Guernsey on a very hot July weekend. Horses and riders performed beautifully, and we were delighted that some of our directors were able to attend to hand over these stunning rosettes to the winners.

    Roger Hughes is one of the organising committee and said:

    “Skipton’s support has been extremely beneficial and aided us in including riders of all ages and abilities to take part. I’d like to thank them for their generosity.”

  • Accidental Zoo

    The Skipton Community Fund was pleased to assist The Accidental Zoo with their launch of ‘Thrive Outside’ for primary schools across the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Taking place in July 2021, over 1000 Bailiwick children were given the opportunity for close interaction with a variety of animals to aid their education.

    The Accidental Zoo is a charity registered in Guernsey, which uses engaging up-close animal experiences to have a long-lasting impact within the island community. It builds opportunities for delivering education experiences in an exciting, hands on, real life way and facilitates activities to support the long-term health & wellness of people seeking a better quality of life within Guernsey

    Charlotte Le Guilcher of the Accidental Zoo said: “As a new charity, support from organisations such as Skipton is vital in getting our venture off the ground and putting on the very best events we can. Their assistance allowed us to host an animal related craft activity as part of the Thrive Outside visit, encouraging creativity and hopefully inspiring our next generation to focus on the protection of animals.”

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  • Climb LBG

    Climb LBG is a Guernsey Registered Charity that was founded in August 2020. It is a member of the Association of Guernsey Charities and the Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney. Providing climbing, hill walking and mountaineering activities to those who would not otherwise be able to access them due to financial, physical or aspirational barriers. The generous grant from Skipton will go towards providing an instructor for Les Voies, registering them with NICAS (the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) and providing their logbooks, as well as going towards covering our running costs such as insurance, equipment and technical advisor.

  • Wetwheels Jersey

    Wetwheels Jersey, the disability power boating charity, can set sail in 2021 with the donation of two new liferafts from the Skipton Community Fund. The charity is set to welcome up to 1,200 people onto its vessel this year.

    The Skipton Community Fund stepped forward to answer the charity’s call to help replace its old liferafts, covering the costs for one six-man and one eight-man life raft along with accompanying grab bags which contain first aid and safety equipment.

    The Wetwheels Jersey experience, which allows disabled people of all ages the chance to enjoy power boating, is currently booked up to August with expectations that it could be the busiest year for the charity as more people and community groups look to utilise the service following the relaxation of Covid restrictions. In 2019 the charity welcomed 1,169 people on board its boat.

  • The National Trust for Jersey

    The Skipton Community Fund was proud to support the team at The National Trust for Jersey’s 16 New Street venue this Christmas, providing a traditional Georgian winter theme to the historic building as it kicks off its Christmas tours and activities. The fund granted The National Trust for Jersey the sum of £1,500 to cover the cost of decorating the venue, including a giant Christmas tree and natural floral feature arrangements. The three-story home will transport visitors back in time to experience an authentic Georgian Christmas, using bay, holly and laurel collected from the Trust’s land and infusing the home with nostalgic Christmassy smells.

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  • The Princess Elizabeth Arts & Chaplaincy Charity

    Artist Peter Le Vasseur produced a stunning painting called ‘Lockdown’ which was sold through a local auction for £7,125. With the help of the Skipton Community Fund, an additional 50 signed prints of the picture have been produced to raise further funds for The Princess Elizabeth Arts & Chaplaincy charity at Guernsey’s Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

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  • Jersey's Oxygen Therapy Centre

    Skipton International’s Community Fund has awarded £1,500 to Jersey’s Oxygen Therapy Centre, allowing them to purchase a new Oxygen Concentrator. The Trinity-based charity assists those with illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and M.E. by supplying much-needed oxygen. It has been a tumultuous time at the centre over the past few months. Last week the volunteers had to rely solely on the Concentrator to provide oxygen therapy sessions due to an issue with a piece of equipment, and this was the only way to continue support. Skipton International’s Jersey Manager, Lorraine McLean, commented: “The Skipton Community Fund always likes to support smaller, lesser known good causes within the Channel Islands, and I am so pleased this support has been given to the Jersey Oxygen Therapy Centre. The work they do within the community is much appreciated by those for whom these debilitating illnesses have struck, and anything that improves their quality of life is so worthwhile.”

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  • Alderney Wildlife Trust

    The Alderney Wildlife Trust has been able to offer coastal boat trips to all the Island’s senior school children, thanks to the support of the Skipton Community Fund. It is hoped that these trips will allow students from years 6-11 to better understand the local marine environment and see first-hand the impact of climate change and the benefits of conservation work.

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  • Jersey Marine Conservation

    The fund has supported the efforts of Jersey Marine Conservation as they clean up the Island’s coastlines. The donation money was granted to assist the conservation team cover costs for their specialist equipment and clean-up operations, which take place all year round. The clean-up projects have reached remote areas from the sea, removing the build-up of rubbish to make them better environments for Jersey’s protected species. The organisation purchased a rib last year, enabling them to schedule trips at shorter notice in response to weather conditions. With the grant of £1,500 from the Skipton Community Fund they have now been able to cover the cost of equipment such as dry suits, snorkels and a sled to tow heavier or sharp objects, as well as covering the expense of taking the rib out on the seas.

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  • Jersey Trees for Life

    Skipton Community Fund have supported Jersey Trees for Life with their project to protect squirrels from the dangers of traffic, through the erection of rope bridges and hedgerow corridors around the Island. Jersey Trees for Life took over the project from the Environmental Department at the end of last year, but despite huge support from the public had struggled to find funding to commence work on the rope bridges. Thanks to the contribution from the Community Fund, the project is now well underway providing safe passage to squirrels through the trees, as well as erecting poles to support the bridges where necessary.

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