Skipton heads down the Yellow Brick Road

Skipton heads down the Yellow Brick Road

23rd August 2018

Skipton International have made good use of the Skipton Community Fund this month by providing sponsorship for the specialist costumes for Class Act Production’s Wizard of Oz which opens on Wednesday 29 August.

Class Act used the £1,160 provided by the Fund to pay for the shipping and hire of the main costumes for the production.

Aaron Walden, Commercial Manager of Skipton International, said: “Our Community Fund was set up for exactly this kind of small grant which might get overlooked otherwise. We are delighted to have been able to help Class Act get one step closer to Oz by helping them with the cost of the special costumes which will help the cast bring this performance to life.”

Class Act Productions, who have been active in Guernsey for 15 years are a non-profit organisation who rely on funding for rehearsal venues, set building and storage. Their members’ ages range from ages six to 72 years of age with focus on children and young adults. The group consistently win awards for their productions.

Sue Savident, chairperson of Class Act Productions said: “Our main goal is to build stage confidence in all our members, develop artistic talent and put on quality productions for the enjoyment of the whole community. We rely on the generosity of Islanders to make this happen. The Wizard of Oz is perennially popular with audiences and offers lots of casting opportunities. This sponsorship from Skipton has helped us make this one of our most colourful productions yet.”

Skipton International established the Skipton Community Fund in January this year to grant money to local organisations for specific projects that will benefit the wider Island community.

The Fund, which has a strong focus on sporting and art projects, will accept applications for grants from both Jersey and Guernsey organisations up to £1,500 per organisation. Skipton has set aside a sum of £20,000 to commit to local projects and events, with a view to increasing this should the Fund be a success.

Class Act Production’s The Wizard of Oz is being performed at the Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts from Wednesday 29 August to Saturday 1 September.