6 and 12 Month Sterling Offshore Bonds Re-Issued

31st May 2010

Skipton International Limited is offering a new opportunity to invest in their popular 6 and 12 month sterling offshore fixed rate bonds. Both products also offer monthly interest. The 6 month bond pays 2.26% gross AER or 2.15% gross as a monthly income option, whilst a return of 2.40 gross AER or 2.30% gross monthly is available with the 12 month account.

Maturity dates are 31 January 2011 for the 6 month account or 31 July 2011 for the 12 month variant. Both products are limited edition issues which will be withdrawn when fully subscribed, so savers are advised to move quickly. With a minimum deposit of £10,000, both Bonds have been structured to offer customers maximum flexibility. Interest can be added to the opening balance, paid away to a separate bank account or paid to a savings account with Skipton International . The maximum deposit is £5 million, but no withdrawals are allowed during the fixed rate terms.

Jim Coupe, commercial director, Skipton International Limited comments, "We are delighted to be able to extend these two offers. Both have been popular with customers, giving a known rate of return. With the backing of our parent, Skipton Building Society, the fourth largest in the UK, these accounts provides both safety and security, whatever happens in the markets."