USD Business Savings


About our business offshore USD savings products

Skipton International offers a wide range of Business Offshore Savings accounts in both Sterling and US Dollars (“USD”) for trusts, individual pensions, business and corporate customers.

Your Skipton USD account will come with its own unique account number as well as a routing number. As Skipton International is a fully-licensed bank in Guernsey, all your eligible deposits are covered by the Guernsey Financial Services Compensation Scheme. (See

Do Skipton USD Savings accounts offer the best interest rates?

Skipton offers a range of some of the best offshore account interest rates in US Dollars, including notice and easy access. Let Skipton help you to diversify your portfolio and spread risk.

Why choose Skipton for your offshore savings account?

Being a small bank without an extensive branch network allows Skipton to keep costs down and pass the benefits to customers. Skipton serves the Channel Islands, UK Expatriates and citizens of other countries around the world. We meet the offshore bank account needs of British Expatriates and other nationalities resident in over 100 countries.

Skipton’s online management allows you to have 24/7 access to your USD account. With each account having its own unique US Dollar account number, it is easier to manage your accounts. There are no foreign exchange costs when receiving money in the same currency as the account. Electronic payment by BACS can be made with no charge or fee per payment, and with no monthly fees. Please see other service fees on the Savings Tariff of Charges.

Business and corporate customers are supported by our dedicated staff, ensuring excellent levels of service throughout the life of their accounts. Please contact Sean Gauvain for more details:

  Sean Gauvain Business Development Manager
  Tel: +44 1481 734004