About the scheme

  •  Skipton International's Refer a Friend scheme is a reward to customers for telling someone about our mortgage products or offshore savings accounts. There is no limit on the number of rewards for which you may qualify.
  • If you are a mortgage customer we will credit the reward to the account from which you make your monthly mortgage payment. If you are a savings customer we will credit the reward to one of your Skipton International offshore accounts. 
  • If you're recommending our services, simply download and complete the form, pass it to your friend and ask them to enclose it with their mortgage or savings application.
  • Once the offshore savings account has been opened or mortgage completed we will arrange for you to receive your reward.

Scheme Rules

  1. Our "Refer a Friend" scheme is solely for the benefit of existing customers of Skipton International whose offshore savings accounts or mortgages in Jersey or Guernsey have been maintained in accordance with our normal terms and conditions. The scheme is designed as a promotion, which may be withdrawn at any time.
  2. Only bona fide new offshore savings accounts or mortgages will qualify under the scheme, which means that no rewards will be arranged until newly recommended customers have met all of our normal offshore account opening requirements as laid out in our terms and conditions or until the mortgage completes. Loans granted are subject to our Lending Policy.
  3. Signed application forms must be submitted for all new accounts. Qualifying offshore savings accounts must be opened with money new to Skipton International.
  4. No additional accounts opened by an existing account holder or further advances taken out by existing borrowers will qualify for the scheme.
  5. Only one reward per new account relationship will qualify for the scheme. Rewards will not be given for each person (where there is more than one account holder named on the account) or for each account where multiple accounts are opened.
  6. In the event that Skipton International considers that the scheme is being abused, for whatever reason, we reserve the right to refuse to offer a reward, having first explained why.
  7. This scheme is not open to employees of Skipton International or the Skipton Building Society Group.
  8. For a reward to qualify an application must not have been previously received from any other source.
  9. This form must be submitted to Skipton within 30 days of receipt of a mortgage or savings application.  Any “Refer a Friend” application received outside of this 30 day window will not be paid.

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