Clone of Skipton International Online

When will this service be available?

We are in the final stages of the online banking project and aim to launch the online platform early in 2019. 

What can I do on Skipton International Online?

  • View your account balances on a desktop, tablet or mobile
  • View and download your account confirmations 
  • View and download your transaction history
  • Open new easy access, notice and fixed rate saving accounts
  • Request closure of your accounts
  • Arrange internal transfers
  • Arrange payments to your nominated account(s)
  • Manage upcoming maturities and payments
  • Manage nominated accounts
  • Update your personal details
  • Send and receive secure messages to/from Skipton International

What is not available through Skipton International Online?

  • Making third party payments or setting up Nominated Accounts that are not in your name
  • Putting your account just on notice e.g without a payment instruction
  • Creating new accounts with more than two account holders
  • Making external payments under £250
  • Viewing Skipton mortgage accounts/balances 

How will I know when this service is available?

We will write to existing customers informing them that Skipton International Online has launched and we will advise them on how to register.

What security is in place for logging in?

Once your account has been activated by Skipton, you will be issued with a unique User ID and Activation Code. On the initial registration you will need to enter these details, create a password and register a device such as a smart phone or tablet (which will be used to generate a one time password).  This device will need to be either iOS or Android.

Please see below which will advise you what versions will be supported:

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Supports 22 languages.

Requires Android 4.4 and up

 Once you have completed the initial registration, each time you log in to Skipton International Online you will need to enter the below details;

  • Your unique User ID
  • Your password
  • A one time password from your registered device