Skipton exceeds sustainability goals in its latest report

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Skipton International has released its Sustainability Report for 2020 which saw the Guernsey mortgage and savings bank exceed many of its original goals under the cloud of the recent pandemic. This is the bank’s second annual report since it introduced a Sustainability Strategy, working with like-minded businesses and organisations to effect positive change.

With a drop by 80% in its usual business travel, Skipton managed to offset 250% of its carbon footprint from the previous year against a goal of 125%. In addition the bank has enhanced its support of the communities in which it operates, committing a  further £10k to the Skipton Community Fund for 2021 for donations to lesser-known charities across the Channel Islands.

The bank’s target to help 200 first-time buyers to purchase property annually was broken with 2020 recording 310 buyers who chose to use Skipton’s mortgage services.

Jim Coupe, Managing Director of Skipton International, said: “We are passionate about the islands in which we live and want to ensure that we play our part in protecting the environment and our very unique way of life.

“Whilst 2020 was a difficult year in many ways these challenges presented us with opportunities to do things differently. Changes in our working practices allowed us to dramatically cut down on paper wastage and to offer a more flexible way of working for our employees. We have continued to grow as an organisation and celebrated many successes and I believe the last year has made us more resilient, adaptable and supportive to our customers, staff and the communities we serve.”

Skipton will continue to focus on the community through its support of the Guernsey’s largest fundraiser, the Skipton Swimarathon, as well as the second year of the Skipton Cup, the inter-island football match against the Isle of Man.

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