Renowned artist thanks the Skipton Community Fund

imagery for art and chaplaincy

Artist Peter Le Vasseur has kindly donated one of his limited edition ‘Lockdown’ prints to Skipton International’s head office in Guernsey as a thank you to the Skipton Community Fund for supporting his charitable endeavours.

Earlier this year, Peter produced a stunning painting called ‘Lockdown’ which was sold through a local auction for £7,125.  With the help of the Fund, an additional 50 signed prints of the picture have been produced to raise further funds for The Princess Elizabeth Arts & Chaplaincy charity at Guernsey’s Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

The charity supports those with life limiting illnesses, employing a palliative care psychotherapist who works with people suffering from these conditions. The project is not funded by the States of Guernsey, so the volunteers organise various activities to raise funds. 

Peter said: “Following the auction, some of the unsuccessful bidders contacted me to see if they could purchase my preliminary sketches instead. There were only three and they were snapped up. It gave me the idea that maybe we could raise valuable funds for the charity by selling some limited-edition prints. We applied to the Skipton Community Fund and were thrilled when they said they would cover the cost. We are so very grateful to them for assisting us in this way.”

Aaron Walden, Commercial Manager at Skipton International, said: “The Skipton Community Fund carries the ethos of supporting smaller, lesser known charitable initiatives where a little can go a long way. Funding these 50 prints to be sold for charity is an example of just how crucial it is to support them.

“I am delighted to accept Peter’s limited edition print on behalf of the Skipton Community Fund.”

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