Skipton release annual statistics on expat mortgages

Skipton release annual statistics on expat mortgages

29th November 2018

Skipton International, one of the market leaders for British Expat Mortgages, has released its findings from a yearly enquiry report, uncovering where expatriates in various jurisdictions would opt to buy in the UK.

The report has produced some surprising results for the Channel Island Bank, revealing that British expatriates working in Switzerland would most likely opt to purchase property in London and the South East over that in the North of England, whilst the north was a more popular location for those looking for buy to let investments from the Middle East.

Residents in Singapore and Qatar were significantly more interested in buy to let property in Scotland than other expatriate communities. While 69% of enquiries from those living in North America were searching for property to let in London or the South East.  

Skipton collated the report from over 2,700 enquiries for their expat mortgage products, which were received from British expats across the globe and resident in the countries from which Skipton will support expat mortgage applications.

Nigel Pascoe, Director of Business Development at Skipton International, said: “These figures are interesting when analysing the appetite of the expat market. There has not been a huge shift in those jurisdictions looking to invest in UK buy to let property, with the highest number of enquiries originating from the Middle East, but it is interesting to see the correlation between these jurisdictions and where they are looking to buy.

Expanding our offering to cover buy to let properties in Scotland this year has allowed us to cater to the needs of more UK expatriates, as many will look to buy in areas where they are familiar and perhaps used to live. We also recently included a standard conveyance in our application fee, in addition to a free valuation, improving our market leading turn around times and adding more value to our customers. These additions have really strengthened our proposition.”

Skipton International launched its range of mortgages for British expatriates in 2014 and now offer buy to let mortgages on properties in England, Wales and Scotland. For an estimate of how much you may be able to borrow, visit Skipton’s online mortgage calculator