Young conservationist secures support for Conversation Herd

women and child pose in front of car alongside a cow

Luca Gaudion (12) has helped La Société’s Conservation Herd with their project to restore the charity’s trusty Land Rover with a plea for financial support from Skipton International’s Community Fund.

When the Conservation Herd's Land Rover needed maintenance in order to continue the charity’s vital work, Luca approached the Skipton’s Community Fund to see if they would provide financial assistance. Securing a donation of £1,500, Luca and the Herd are now able to transport cattle around the island in an effort to restore Guernsey’s biodiversity.

The young conservationist has volunteered for the Conservation Herd for four years, pitching in on his weekends to help feed and care for the cows. He takes on responsibility for hand-rearing two young calves each year until they are old enough to join the herd, learning about the animals and how grazing helps improve the island’s grasslands.

Luca said: “From a young age I took an interest in cows and loved visiting farms or admiring fields which is how I got involved in the Conservation Herd. My responsibilities for the herd have increased and one day I hope I can be the Manager.”

Julia Henney, Manager of La Société’s Conservation Herd, said: “Not only are we immensely grateful to Skipton for its kind donation, but we are very proud of Luca and the passion he has shown towards the charity, animals and of course this island. Without funding for these repairs, we simply wouldn’t have been able to have cared for our herd.

“The Conservation Herd does not receive any external funding so we are reliant on public donations and gifts that will help us care for our island and keep the charity going. We allow our cattle to graze around the island providing a better habitat for insects, encouraging more delicate species to thrive and keeping grasslands from becoming overgrown and wild. Our aim is to keep Guernsey beautiful.”

Aaron Walden, Commercial Manager of Skipton International, said: “Luca is certainly the youngest person to have applied to the Community Fund and we were all humbled by his request to help a cause he is obviously very passionate about. We hope that this donation will not only assist the charity and the island, but perhaps mould one of the island’s next great conservationists.”

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