About our expat savings accounts

Skipton International specialises in providing some of the best expat savings accounts.

Becoming an expat can be a life changing and exciting event; however, you may face limited choices for UK savings accounts for expats as many UK banks and building societies do not accept applications from overseas residents.

Customers select Skipton International’s expat savings accounts for the following reasons:

  • Skipton offers a range of expat savings accounts from Easy Access and Notice to occasional Fixed rate savings account
  • Often offering the best expat savings rates
  • Skipton International online provides access to your expat savings accounts wherever you might be located in the world and whenever it is convenient for you to login
  • Telephone banking options are available – please ask for details
  • It is a relatively simple and straightforward process to open UK savings accounts for expats
  • Skipton International is transparent and honest. All customers receive written notification should their expat savings interest rates change
  • Friendly, knowledgeable service at all times, whether local to the Channel Islands or expatriate across the world. Customers provide feedback as measured by Feefo, with Skipton International winning their Platinum Trusted Service provider award
  • Skipton International has a conservative risk appetitive and expats prefer the simple, effective business model of providing prime residential mortgages across the UK and Channel Islands
  • Being based in Guernsey, Skipton International is located in one of the world’s most reputable and well-established financial centres.

It is therefore no surprise that Skipton has expat saving customers resident in over 100 countries, representing most of the world’s time zones.

To open one of the best expat savings accounts, please apply online here.

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