UK Expat Mortgages

Are you a British expat looking to purchase a buy-to-let property in the UK?

If you are seeking an investment property, perhaps as part of your pension planning, then Skipton International could help. With UK housing demonstrating long-term price inflation, purchasing a property whilst living abroad often makes financial sense.

Skipton International is a leading Guernsey bank, and a subsidiary of Skipton Building Society. We are one of the Channel Islands’ favourite lenders and serve savings customers resident in more than 100 countries around the world.

Skipton International prides itself on fast processing times and an understanding of the needs of British Expatriates. We offer a very personal service from experienced staff who will guide you through the house purchasing process.

Expat Mortgage Leaflet

Obtaining a mortgage as an expat isn’t always easy, but if you’re currently working and living outside of the UK, want to purchase a property back home as an investment and can say YES to all the following questions, then we would love to talk with you about your requirements:

• Are you or your joint applicant a British passport holder with ‘British Citizen’ noted in the nationality section of your passport? 
• Are you or your partner (if applicable) a UK expat and will you still be expat at the time the mortgage completes? 
• Do you want to buy in England or Wales?
• Is the property for buy-to-let purposes only and not for you or a family member to live in, or to support a property purchase for a UK resident?
• Can you confirm that you do NOT plan to live in the property in the future?
• Are you looking to borrow at least £100k?
• The type of property you’re looking to purchase is not on our ‘unacceptable properties’* list, please refer to the bottom of page 3 on our Expat Mortgage Leaflet. ?
• Are you or your partner employed by a clearly identifiable well established employer? **
• If employed or retired, is your annual income over £40k or the equivalent of £50k p.a. if paid in a local currency?
• If self employed, can you provide evidence that  annual income is in excess of £60k p.a. sterling/ £75k p.a. currency equivalent, and confirmed by one of Skipton’s accountancy firms (as seen on page 4 of the Expat Leaflet?)
• Can you provide an employer letter or copy of contract confimring income and term of employment?
• Can you provide 3 months of bank statements into which your salary/pension is paid? 
• Do you have a UK bank or building society account from which direct debits can be arranged to pay your mortgage
• Will the property be let on a short / long term Tenancy Agreement and not used as a holiday let, House in Multiple Occupancy, bedsit or student let?
• If you currently own other properties which are mortgaged, can you provide 12 months of mortgage statements for each property?
• Can you provide 5 years of address history, and your last UK address?
• Have you never been declared bankrupt, insolvent, or equivalent or no such action is pending?
• Can you confirm that you have never entered into any arrangement with creditors or are party to a voluntary arrangement?
• Can you confirm that you have not had a Court Order (or equivalent) made against you for debt or that no such action is pending?
 • Can you confirm that you have not (voluntary or otherwise) had a property repossessed by a lender or entered into an arrangement for mortgage arrears?
• Are you currently living or working in  a country which does not appear on our restricted list? ***

If you can answer “yes” to all of the above, do not reside in a country we do not support and you would like a mortgage on a property with a maximum loan to value of 75% , which you want to rent out, the next step is to complete our Expat Mortgage Calculator or call one of our helpful team members. 

If you have any questions please call + 44 (0) 1481 730 730

Telephone lines are open Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm UK time.


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