Are you an expat in Hong Kong looking to remortgage or purchase a UK Buy-To-Let property?

If you are seeking to purchase or refinance an investment property, perhaps as part of your pension planning, then Skipton International could help. With UK housing demonstrating long-term price inflation, purchasing a property whilst living abroad often makes financial sense.

Skipton International is a leading Guernsey bank and provider of UK Buy-To-Let mortgages for those resident overseas. We are also one of the Channel Islands’ favourite lenders and serve customers resident in more than 100 countries around the world. While we lend to channel Islanders for residential and Buy-To-Let mortgages, by far the majority of our mortgage business is with customers around the world, including Hong Kong, purchasing UK properties for rental purposes.

Skipton International prides itself on fast processing times and an understanding of the needs of expatriates and people from across the world. We offer a very personal service from experienced staff who will guide you through the UK Buy-To-Let purchase or remortgage processes.

Obtaining a UK Buy-To-Let mortgage as an expat or non-UK citizen isn’t always easy. If you’re currently living outside of the UK, want to refinance or purchase a UK Buy-To-Let property, let us guide you through the process. 

UK BTL mortgage appliation guide


If you have any questions please call + 44 (0) 1481 730 730

Telephone lines are open Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 17:00 (GMT).

* Please note Skipton International does not lend on properties located in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man or the islands of Scotland.

• Is your earned income (not including commission, overtime or bonuses) or pension income over £40,000 per annum or the equivalent of £50,000 per annum if paid in local currency? Certain guaranteed allowances may contribute towards this figure. Any probationary period must be passed prior to applying. Any earned income cannot be subject to UK income tax.



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