Scarborough Channel Islands moves Home

12th August 2009

The amalgamation of Scarborough Channel Islands Limited and Skipton Guernsey Limited moved a step closer with the announcement that Scarborough Channel Islands have relocated to join their Skipton Guernsey colleagues at Fairbairn House, Rohais, St Peter Port.

Subject to regulatory approval, Skipton Guernsey and Scarborough Channel Islands are expected to amalgamate at the end of September this year to form a single specialist savings and mortgage bank on Guernsey. The new bank which will still offer offshore savings accounts will be named Skipton International.

As is the case now, savers in the new combined Guernsey bank will be reassured to know that the local entity is a subsidiary of the fifth largest Building Society in the UK, with approximately 860,000 members, backed by over £16bn of assets.