Fee free mortgages from Skipton International

29th January 2013

Skipton International has started the New Year with a fee free offer on selected mortgages which could save house hunters in Guernsey and Jersey £999. This is sure to come as a welcome helping hand for any house hunter saving for a new home.

With the latest data from the States of Guernsey continuing to point to a robust market locally - prices rose by an average of 4.3% for the last year to September 2012 - Skipton International are expecting 2013 will be a busy year, if homebuyers' confidence levels continue to edge higher.

As the largest lender of new Guernsey mortgages, the bank is well placed to comment on sentiment in the market. Managing director Jim Coupe said, "The local market for housing has withstood the shocks of the credit crunch and broader financial crisis which has its roots in 2007 far better than many of us might have imagined. Guernsey prices have not suffered in the same way that values have in many areas on the mainland, for example. On average prices have risen every year since 2010, supporting the notion that confidence is slowly returning to the market. As a result, we are expecting a busy 2013, so offers such as our fee free mortgages and products such as our 100% loan, the Next Generation Mortgage, are likely to prove popular. Whether buyers are looking to fix their interest rate, track the base rate or if they need help with a deposit, we have the products for them."

Please note this offer may be withdrawn at anytime.