Skipton International adds 1 and 2 year bonds to business accounts

12th April 2012

Skipton International Limited has moved to significantly upgrade the range of accounts available to businesses, intermediaries and trusts with the unveiling of two new account choices, its 1 year International Reserve Bond paying 3.00% AER or a monthly income rate of 2.80% gross, 2.84% AER and its 2 year International Reserve Bond paying 3.50% AER or a monthly interest rate of 3.30% gross, 3.35% AER.

Skipton International now has one of the widest ranges of business offshore savings account options for companies, intermediaries and trusts. In addition to the two fixed rate bonds announced, the bank also offers a range which includes easy access accounts through to 40, 80, 120 and 180 day notice products.

Accounts have been designed with the needs of business in mind, so for corporate customers, the maximum deposits are up to £5 million. The minimum opening balance has been set at just £10,000, making the account accessible to a wide range of small and medium sized organisations wanting to place medium and short term cash deposits. Both annual and monthly interest options are available to offer maximum flexibility.

Over periods of less than one or two years, depositors can now earn from 1.50% gross p.a. with easy access accounts up to 2.75% gross/p.a. with the 180 day notice International Business 180 account. With all accounts outside of the Bond products having a tiered interest rate structure, the larger the balance, the higher the interest rate earned.

Dedicated account opening staff are on hand to deliver efficient, effective and personalised support to all business customers. Once opened, Skipton International's experienced team is on hand to ensure business customers receive the same high quality levels of service that the bank is known for amongst its many personal savers.

Managing Director Jim Coupe said, "We have now added to our range of business deposits to offer a comprehensive range of deposit options from call to two year fixed rates. Our experience tells us that particularly in tough economic times, businesses, trusts and intermediaries need to make their own and their clients' surplus cash work even harder. With our policy of transparency on interest rates ? we always write to customers to advise them of rate changes - we have now bought choice, competitive returns and openness to this important market."