Guernsey Mortgages

Guernsey 5 Year Fixed Rate mortgage

From 3.74% (4.3% APR)

Guernsey Next Generation mortgage

From 4.69% (4.7% APR)

Guernsey Buy-To-Let mortgages

From 4.79% (5.4% APR)


The closer you get to retirement, the harder you might find it to get a mortgage. With an ageing population and more people working for longer, Skipton now offers a solution, with a mortgage that runs into retirement.

To apply for an ‘Into Retirement’ mortgage, applicants need to be aged 55 and under, applying for a mortgage on their main residence only, and earning an income and/or receiving a private or workplace pension to support the monthly repayments.

Regardless of how mature you are when you take out a mortgage, you’ll need to be sure you can afford the repayments throughout the full term, including on any outstanding balance after you retire.

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