Guernsey Mortgages

Product FeaturesLTVPay RateAPR Application FeesEarly Repayment Charges

Guaranteed to track the Bank of England Base

Rate for three years (with a base rate floor of 1.00%)

Up to 70%2.24% (base + 1.24%) 3.7% Fee free*    

Year 1 – 3%

Year 2 – 2%

Year 3 – 1%


70.1% to 80%

2.54% (base + 1.54%) 3.8%

80.1% to 85%

2.74% (base + 1.74%)3.8%

85.1% to 90%

3.14% (base + 2.14%)3.9%

With effect from 5 May 2022

*Limited time offer


The minimum loan size is £100,000 and the maximum loan to any individual, together with connected persons is £3 million.

Following the tracker period outlined above the interest rate will revert to Skipton International Channel Island residential follow on rate. Our Jersey and Guernsey mortgage products are portable and if you move house can be applied to your new property (subject to it meeting our criteria).

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and monthly payments must be made in advance by direct debit on the first working day of each month. As with all mortgages, if the mortgage is repaid after the end of tracker period, interest to the date of redemption will be payable.

Product fees are non-refundable and must be paid on application. Our mortgage products can be withdrawn at very short notice.

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* Skipton International will arrange a single standard mortgage valuation only. Should the applicant require a Homebuyers Report in addition to a standard valuation, the additional cost of the Homebuyers Report will be payable by the applicant, who will be put in touch with the relevant surveyor.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.