The Jersey House Price Index Q1 2018

In the last quarter of 2016 the mix adjusted average purchase price for properties in Jersey was:


This figure inceased by £13,000 (2.7%) from the previous quarter and £47,000 (10.5%) from the corresponding quarter of 2017.  During the first quarter of 2018 saw 247transactions, 59 less than the previous quarter and 74 less than in the same quarter of 2017.



Top Stats

The below shows the movement of the average property prices and transactions across both Jersey and Guernsey.

Jersey (Q1 2018)

Guernsey (Q1 2018) 

Average Property Price: £496,000 Average Property Price: £407,288 (Mix Adjusted)
Change from previous quarter: + 2.7% Change from previous quarter: - 3.24%
Number of transactions: 247 Number of transactions: 140
Change from previous quarter: - 59 Change from previous quarter: - 46

Skipton International House Price Index Q1 2018 - Jersey

Skipton International House Price Index Q1 2018 - Jersey + Guernsey

Skipton International House Price Index Q4 2016 - Jersey, Guernsey, UK, London

Quarter 4 Review

Since the first quarter of 2017, the average mix adjusted property price in Guernsey fell by £25,053 (-5.8%) to £407,288 with the average property price in Jersey increasing by £47,000 (10.5%) to £496,000.  Over the past year, London house prices (and the UK as a whole) have decreased by £5,000.

Guernsey (Q1 2018) 

Jersey (Q1 2018)

London (Q1 2018)

United Kingdom (Q1 2018)

Average Property Price: £407,288 (Mix Adjusted)Average Property Price: £496,000

Average Property Price: £473,776

Average Property Price: £211,792

The Skipton International House Price Index is prepared from information supplied by the States of Guernsey (Policy and Research), States of Jersey (Statistics Unit) and Nationwide Building Society House Price Index, but no representation is made to its accuracy. We reserve the right to edit or discontinue the Skipton International House Price Index at any time. 

Persons seeking to place reliance on the Index for any purpose whatsoever do so at their own risk.  No reliance should be placed on the index to value individual properties.  


Future Report Dates

The future Guernsey and Jersey House Price Index Reports will be released by the Government on the below dates. Skipton International will do its best to update soon after.

Q2 2018 - Friday 10 August 2018Q2 2018 - Thursday 16 August 2018
Q3 2018 - Friday 9 November 2018Q3 2018 - Thursday 22 November 2018