The Guernsey House Price Index

The Guernsey Residential Property Prices Bulletin measures average price changes in residential properties sold on the island each quarter and provides a headline analysis of trends in average prices.

The Guernsey Quarterly Residential Property Prices Bulletin is published by the States of Guernsey. The document can be difficult to comprehend, so Skipton International has broken the data down with some graphs to make it as easy to understand as possible.  

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To view Skipton's comments on how prices have changed from previous quarter, click the below reports.  

Guernsey House Price Index


The above graph details average house prices in Guernsey with data recorded from the first quarter of 2005

Guernsey House Price Index Methodology

Since 2011 new methods have been used to calculate the average purchase price in Guernsey.  The mix adjusted average purchase price is a measure of the average cost (including both realty and personalty) of purchasing property in Guernsey. This calculation is much less susceptible to changes from one quarter to the next.

The Skipton International House Price Index is prepared from information supplied by the States of Guernsey (Policy and Research), States of Jersey (Statistics Unit) and Nationwide Building Society House Price Index, but no representation is made to its accuracy. We reserve the right to edit or discontinue the Skipton International House Price Index at any time. 

Persons seeking to place reliance on the Index for any purpose whatsoever do so at their own risk.  No reliance should be placed on the index to value individual properties.