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Savings Help

Skipton International Fraud Prevention Guide

6th June 2016
At  Skipton International  we take the security of our customer's very seriously. Fraudsters have been getting more sophisticated over recent years and are increasingly targeting whilst to…

What is an Offshore Account?

26th November 2015
Generally, the term “Offshore Account” is used to describe bank accounts held in an offshore jurisdiction. There are many jurisdictions considered offshore, including the Crown Dependencies of of…

Maximise your savings at every stage in your life

11th November 2015
Whether you’re starting out in your career, bringing up a family, or thinking of future retirement, your savings needs change at each stage of your life.  There is, however, one constant, you…

Channel Island Mortgage Help

How to get the best mortgage for your new home

30th December 2015
For most people, getting a mortgage is one of the most important stages in the house buying process. Obtaining the right levels of finance, at rates which work for you over the long term, can make As…

Mortgage Glossary

22nd September 2015
Affordability:  Is the amount of money you make on a monthly basis towards a mortgage, based upon their income, expenses, and the proposed monthly payment. APR: Annual percentage rate. The cost…

How much can I afford?

22nd September 2015
The burning question most people ask when it comes to buying or investing in property is how much can I borrow, but what you really should be asking is how much can I afford? The answer to that on a…

How to choose your home

22nd September 2015
Anyone who has watched Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer as they guide prospective home owners around a series of properties in Location, Location, Location, will know just how tough it can be to find…

How to buy a home

22nd September 2015
The prospect of buying your first home can be as daunting as it is exciting, but with some good advice and careful planning you can take away the stress and uncertainty and just look forward to the a…

Expat Mortgage Help

Guide to buy-to-let properties for Millennial tenants

8th August 2017
What Millennials are looking for when renting property Born between 1981-2000, millennials are one of the most significant groups of renters. With millennials in the UK set to become the largest over…

Guide to the UK mortgage interest relief changes for expat landlords

13th June 2017
Depending on your circumstances, tax could be an important consideration when making an investment. With the tax rules on buy-to-let properties changing, now is a good time to assess your position, a…

Landlord obligations for a buy-to-let property

22nd September 2015
If you’re a new landlord then there are some UK legal requirements you need to be aware of. They’re not designed to provide a barrier to renting, but to protect both you and your tenant. The is a…

How to choose a buy-to-let property

22nd September 2015
When it comes to choosing a buy-to-let property you need to let your head take over from your heart. This is an investment that needs to appeal to a wide range of people and not necessarily you. fine…