Expatriate mortgage application guide

Step by step guide to applying for an expatriate mortgage

1.       Check eligibility

Can you answer Yes to the questions on our expat mortgage page?

We require one of the applicants to be a British Citizen and also that you are not resident in one of the countries that we do not support

Skipton provides offshore mortgages secured on properties located in England, Scottish Mainland, Wales, Guernsey and Jersey. Unfortunately, we do not at this time support properties in Scottish Islands or Northern Ireland.

Check your property rental yield is sufficient to support a mortgage. Skipton has a handy expat mortgage calculator to estimate the size of offshore mortgage that might be available to you.

2.       Complete your application

Print Skipton’s expat mortgage application pack and fully complete. Please remember to read the declaration section carefully and to sign the form where requested (including the direct debit form).

3.       Gather supporting documentation

Supporting documentation is important, clearly you would not lend to someone who’s identify, address and income, etc. you could not prove and neither will Skipton. Therefore please ensure that all supporting documentation is provided as requested in the expat mortgage application pack. Having each of your identity documents properly certified by a competent individual is essential.

4.       Application Fee

Don’t forget to transfer the expatriate application fee, processing of your application will not commence until this is received.

5.       Contact a solicitor

For House Purchases you must instruct solicitors to act on your behalf. You are of course at liberty to instruct any solicitor of your choice, however, Skipton uses Conveyancing Direct for properties in England and Wales and Walker Laird Solicitors for properties in Scotland. Both firms do offer Skipton clients a competitive rate and whilst your and Skipton’s interests are represented separately it can often be more efficient and timely to use a common firm.

Conveyancing Direct may be contacted via Kosta Rigas and their Business Development team, on +44 (0)1424 464846 or by email at sales@cdpll.co.uk Walker Laird Solicitors may be contacted via their Associate Solicitor, Sharlene Wardrope, on +44 (0) 141 847 4814, or by email at sharlene.wardrope@walkerlaird.co.uk

6.       Post your completed application and full set of supporting documentation to Skipton

Please ensure that you have all your documentation in one envelope when you post to Skipton.

Our address is:-

Skipton International Limited,

PO Box 509,
Tudor House,
The Bordage,
St Peter Port,
GY1 6DS,