Retired Expats

Retired Expats

15th April 2016

The number of Britons currently living overseas has reached record numbers. There are many different reasons why people decide to start a new life elsewhere, and whatever that reason may be, Skipton International could help with their expat savings needs.

Two retired expats from East Putney, London, have been living in Spain for the last few years. Before they relocated, their savings were held in a UK bank which can only cater for UK residents. Therefore when trying to open an additional bank account they had to look offshore.

Skipton International has met the offshore savings needs for British Expatriates in over 100 countries and understands the difficulties endured in obtaining an Expatriate Savings Account.

The couple completed a simple application form and provided the necessary documentation. The Expat Savings Account with Skipton International was opened within 3 working days.  Should they ever have any questions or concerns about their account, phone lines are open between 8.30am – 17.30pm, Monday to Friday. Many customers award Skipton's service 5 stars in independent Feefo review as staff are always happy to provide whatever assistance is required wherever you are in the world.

“It’s so refreshing to call Skipton and have a real person answer, rather than those robots used by so many other banks. Telephone banking is incredibly efficient and helpful as an overseas customer. We like the security of having our savings with Skipton. Skipton provides mortgages on residential properties in Guernsey, Jersey and the UK which eliminates major risk factors. It is imperative that we take the best care we can of our life savings, and putting our funds with Skipton have supported us doing so”.

After careful consideration, they decided to put their savings in a notice account. 

“As I’m living abroad, tying my money up for too long seemed risky. I wanted the freedom to be able to access my savings should I need to.