Retired Guernsey Residents

Retired Guernsey Residents

15th April 2016

A married couple who have lived in Guernsey their whole life recently retired. Prior to this, they both worked as teachers in a local primary school. After putting money aside during employment they now need a safe place to keep their savings.  They do not require immediate access to their capital but want to receive a return from their savings to supplement their outgoings.  They decided to pop in to our office, and were greeted by one of our friendly Customer Service advisors who suggested moving their funds in to a longer term savings product.

All of our Offshore Savings Accounts have the option of monthly or annual interest, and it can be added to the balance or paid away to the customers nominated account. Although they will have to wait longer to access their funds, the higher monthly interest will be transferred to their current account, helping with monthly expenses.

The couple decided to place their funds in a notice account.

They commented: “this is the perfect savings account for us as we know we can access our funds after notice should we need to. At our age, we need to receive a steady income, while allowing ourselves the freedom to withdraw our savings in case of emergency. It is comforting to know our savings are held in a safe place, whilst still receiving a good rate of interest in the current market”.

There are varieties of offshore savings accounts available to our customers. On occasion, Skipton International offer fixed rate accounts which tend to yield higher rates of interest. The funds are committed for the duration of the product with no early access to the capital. However, monthly interest can be withdrawn. Fixed term accounts are good for customers who no not require access to the capital as they return a guaranteed rate of interest.

As locals in Guernsey, where Skipton International is based, the couple can pop in to our office any time they wish between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. As appointments are not necessary we welcome anyone to come in and discuss their offshore savings options.

The retired couple share the same view as many. They have sought to find an establishment that will look after their savings the way they deserve. Skipton International acknowledges the hard work it takes to accumulate your life savings and do their utmost to ensure the best service possible, plus offering attractive offshore savings accounts.