High Net Worth Customers

High Net Worth Customers

15th April 2016

Over the years, a retired company director in Guernsey has accumulated most of his wealth through the success of his companies. As he has substantial wealth he does not want to keep all his eggs in one basket. Many high net worth customers do this by investing in various financial products which carry various levels of risk including bank accounts, the stock market and property.

At Skipton International it is possible to open a variety of Offshore Savings Accounts across different commitment terms, providing the balance is above £10,000 and the customer does not exceed an overall balance of £5 million. Therefore it seemed logical to spread his funds over various commitment terms. He decided to keep a ‘rainy day’ fund in an easy access account, so he has funds available immediately and the rest in a variety of notice and fixed rate accounts to ensure he was receiving the best interest rates.

“I chose Skipton International as I understand their simple business model and I consider them to be respectable and well established home for my funds. It is uncommon to find a subsidiary bank with such little financial exposure to their parent company as they do not upstream funds.”

We offer an attractive range of offshore savings accounts, so whatever your situation may be, give Skipton International a call on +44 (0)1481 730730.