Skipton International Customer Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

No two offshore savers are the same; this is why Skipton International works hard to cater for each customer’s individual offshore savings requirements, whatever their situation. Skipton International takes individual circumstance into consideration and offers a variety of attractive Offshore Savings products to suit the needs of all their customers.

If you would like to find out more about opening an offshore savings account, please call our friendly team on +44 (0)1481 730730. 

Offshore Savings Customer Case Studies

Working Expats

15th April 2016
Just as many people chose to leave the UK, many will also chose to return. Recently a former British expatriate returned to the UK after living and working in Dubai for 10 years. He commented I…

Retired Expats

15th April 2016
The number of Britons currently living overseas has reached record numbers. There are many different reasons why people decide to start a new life elsewhere, and whatever that reason may be,  in…

High Net Worth Customers

15th April 2016
Over the years, a retired company director in Guernsey has accumulated most of his wealth through the success of his companies. As he has substantial wealth he does not want to keep all his eggs in a…

Retired Guernsey Residents

15th April 2016
A married couple who have lived in Guernsey their whole life recently retired. Prior to this, they both worked as teachers in a local primary school. After putting money aside during employment…