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Offshore Savings with Easy Access

If you require access to your to our offshore savings without loss of interest then our International Direct Access account could be the perfect offshore account for you. You can make withdrawals once the account opening procedure are complete. All we ask is that the minimum deposit and withdrawal made is £1,000. This savings account is available to Businesses, Trust Companies and Individual Pension Schemes.

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Annual Rate (Gross PA/AER)

Further Information
£10,000 or more0.50%Easy access is available to your funds. Interest is credited annually on 1 September.

Balances below £10,000 will attract an interest rate of 0.00% AER

Available for deposits between (minimum) £10,000 and (maximum) £5,000,000

With effect from 19 October 2020.



To open an account existing Skipton International customers only need to send written instructions to us. New customers will need to complete an Application Form and supply relevant identification as seen on page on page 4 of the application.

Interest rates on this offshore savings account are variable. Interest is credited annually on 1 September. Interest is earned after 3 working days including the day we receive your cheque. Please note that interest may be paid gross and it is your responsibility to declare all income to your tax authority. Please note we only offer accounts in sterling.

Offshore accounts may be opened by cheque, electronic transfer or BACS. If you wish to transfer funds to us by electronic transfer or BACS click here for the details your bank will require. Please note the minimum opening balance for this offshore account is £10,000.

The above conditions are to be read in conjunction with our General Terms & Conditions for deposit accounts.

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