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What makes the Best Offshore Bank Account?

At Skipton International we believe that the Best Offshore Bank Accounts offer of a number of benefits. We specialise in providing some of the Best Offshore Savings Accounts available and support savers resident in over 100 countries. We understand the needs of offshore savers and streamline our processes to provide the best offshore account experience we can. Please click here for our current offshore saving accounts.

Of course offering some of the leading savings rates is important and at Skipton International we often top the comparator charts for Best Offshore Bank Account interest rates. However, being offered the Best Offshore Interest Rate is of limited benefit if it is quickly and quietly reduced. At Skipton International we are open and transparent, so will always write or secure message you to proactively communicate any interest rate changes. If your account were to no longer offer the Best Offshore Account rate, you can then make informed decisions as to the future of your savings.

Personal service is also important, we do not believe the Best Offshore Bank should rely on telephone call automation. You will not find “Press 1 for savings” type messages at Skipton, but rather a friendly and experienced Customer Services professional answering your call. We also look to answer telephones quickly, we know how expensive and frustrating it can be to be listening to hold music, particularly whilst located overseas.

New customers can apply online, where we have taken care to make our application process as straightforward as possible (although proof of identity and documentation must be posted to meet regulatory obligations). Existing customers may open new offshore accounts, transfer money or make withdrawals to nominated accounts over the phone or by post. Skipton International Online enables customers to make transactions and view their offshore savings accounts online, wherever they may be in the world.

Skipton International believes it offers some of the Best Offshore Bank Accounts for expats, which is backed up by organisations such as Moneyfacts who at least Commended Skipton International every year from 2010 to them ceasing offshore account awards in 2017. We won the Moneyfacts Best Offshore Account Provider award in 2017, 2016 and in 2013.

Another reason why we believe we offer some of the best offshore bank accounts is customer feedback, particularly evidenced through Feefo, an independent customer service measurement where we have received their Gold awards for Trusted Service since 2017.